Youth are so powerful and energetic in this present fast growing technology age. Thousands of youth are going away from the truth, destroying their lives for no reason. Many youth are living meaningless life. So we connected to many youth people and through teaching, preaching, sports we share Gospel with them. If you know any young people going away then introduce to us and we will pray for them and believe that they will return to Jesus by giving their heart and receive Him as Lord and Saviour of life. God has given us burden to conduct youth meetings once in a year according to His promise and provisions and we have been doing this since 2010. Many youth's life has been changed, transformed, renewed, challenged by the work of living Jesus Christ. We do help willing people who invite us to teach their youth group. If you are willing or know anybody willing let us know and we will give them the true Biblical sound teaching which will transform their entire life. We want to see Today's youth as Today's Leaders. Who will live a worthy life for his family, society, community. above all will live and become live testimony for the one and only true God Jesus Christ. For more pictures please visit gallery page.