Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We seek to make followers of Jesus Christ who love God, love people, and change the world.

Love God

Love People

Impact the World


We believe the most important thing in life is to love God with all of who we are and to grow in our relationship with Him.  People need to know this.  We desire for people everywhere to come to know and love God through the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then to glorify Him with their lives.

We do have vision to build Bible College where many called and chosen people can come and train for the work of Jesus Christ.

We do have vision to build homes for homeless, destitutes, poor children, Old age and Mentally challenged people.

We do have vision to plant Churches where there are no churches. 

Our Mission:

Make Disciples:  We seek to Make Disciples by living as Sent Missionaries and Planting the Gospel from here to the ends of the earth. Jesus has given a mission to His church. We believe this is not only the mission of The SFM, but also the mission of every church (Every single saved soul). We are committed to this being the main work for us as a local church. Everything we pursue must support this mission.

Send Missionaries:  We are called to live as missionaries to share the message and the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbours, in our community, and beyond our borders.

Plant the Gospel:     We are called to plant the Gospel wherever we go as disciples.  Our desire is that would happen locally and result in more campuses and churches planted in our area; and globally and result in churches planted to the ends of the earth.

Our Values:

Pray Boldly
Give Generously
Love Relentlessly

Grow Deeper
Serve Selflessly
Multiply the Gospel


Love God:

We love God not because who we are and what we have but because who He is and what He has done for us. We as His creation must love God according to the Scrpture in the Gospel of Matthew 22: 37. Loving God is first priority in our life.

Love People:

We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of the Christian life. We do this by bearing one another's burdens, by praying for one another and by serving others as the body of Christ.

Impact the World:

We trust that God has called us to be a movement beeyond ourselves that serves our society and establish the Gospel around the world. We firmly know that every follower of Jesus is created and gifted for His service either way. God has given every one a mission to accomplish. We are chosen to live as missionaries to share the message of cross and the love of Jesus Christ with our family, friends, neighbours, society, community and beyond our borders.


At The Shalom Faith Ministires we desire to help people become followers of Jesus.

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