Relief Distributions

Praise the Lord

Blessed greetings to you in name of the Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Glory to Jesus Christ for His grace and Mercy. God is good. When Jesus Christ was on the earth, He saw people in need and moved with compassion. God of compassion. We the Shalom Faith Ministries serving the poor and needy time to time. Whenever there is a need first we pray and then act as the Holy Spirit leads with God given provisions. So far we had two distributions in very recent as follows

1. During the cyclone Fani on May 2019. We distributed groceries to more than 3 hundreds families who lost houses and had no food. We not only distributed groceries but also shared the eternal Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

2. During the Covid-19 pendemic on April 2020. Though this Corona Virus came few months ago but people are fearful and lack of food due to lockdown. They are more afraid of daying without food than the corona virus. God enabled us to provide groceries for two weeks to more than 50 families. 

Not only during this kind of situations but normally we feed poor and needy when we see. 

We know that God does everything with purpose. Without His knowledge nothing happens. God is on the throne. In the near future also we believed that there will be many challenges will come and God will use to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing different things. We seek your valuable prayers, love, supports and encouragements. If the Lord speaks to you to supports us in any ways then please contact us. 

God bless you as you serve along with us

Much blessings

Your encouragement is valuable to us

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